Jenifer Knighton


Behind the counselor’s door: Why seeking therapy for a therapist is harder than it seems

Therapists, like anyone else, deserve the opportunity to prioritize their mental health and acknowledge that even the guides need guidance sometimes. Recognizing and addressing the barriers that make it difficult for therapists to seek therapy is a vital step toward creating a more compassionate and resilient mental health profession. – Jenifer Knighton

Why the F*ck can’t I stay sober?

Why the f*uck cant I stay sober? Struggling with sobriety is more common than you think, and you’re not alone in this journey. Let’s talk about the challenges, setbacks, and most importantly, the strength it takes to stay sober. Remember, recovery is possible! #SobrietyStruggles #RecoveryJourney #StrengthInSobriety #YouAreNotAlone #SoberLife #jenk #OvercomingAddiction #SupportAndEmpower #RecoveryIsPossible #SelfCare #Mindfulness #StayStrong

Houston program for adolescent victims of sex trafficking launches $200k fundraising campaign

Emerging Grace Ministries (EGM) is a non-profit fighting sex trafficking, focusing on adolescent victims. EGM aims to reveal exploitation, recover victims, and restore their hope through rehabilitation, education, and long-term support. To continue their work, EGM is fundraising $200k for operational costs, giving individuals and businesses an opportunity to support survivors and combat trafficking. With few organizations addressing adolescent victims, EGM’s efforts are crucial in creating a world free from sex trafficking.

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