Medically Kidnapped: A family pleas for help after being bombarded by CPS workers and officers with guns in Maryland

A Maryland couple is devastated, they want answers, and they are asking for the public’s help to demand justice after Howard County Child Protective Services removed their 2 small children without a court-order based on allegations that one of the children “failed to thrive.” Operation Stop CPS has stepped in once again, reporting that the two children were taken shortly after the family was threatened to be killed by an officer. Operation Stop CPS is asking the community to help reunite this family.

A situation being deemed as a medical kidnapping has been unfolding in Maryland concerning 22-month-old, Collin, who was born prematurely at 34 weeks 4 days gestation and his sister, 5-month-old Clover. According to Operation Stop CPS, Collin had been misdiagnosed with failure to thrive due to his small size, as per the State’s guidelines.

In late January, Anne Arundel County Police officers and child protective services surrounded Justice and Mashai‘s car outside of a Dunkin Donuts, making threats of police brutality while demanding the couple to give their children Collin and Clover to CPS workers. At the time, there was no order of removal from the courts.

Volunteer EMTs arrived at the scene and checked the children. According to Mashai S., the mother of the two children, despite both children being fine, a CPS social worker insisted that the children be taken to the hospital. The mother added that the EMT would not allow her to ride with her children in the ambulance. After arriving at the hospital, the parents were informed that the State of Maryland would assume custody of Collin and his sister Clover; and they were forced to leave.

This is medical Kidnapping, and we are calling the community to ACTION: Operation Stop CPS is asking the public for assistance with emailing Geneva Rieu, Acting Director: and demand that Collin and Clover be returned to their parents so they can begin to heal from this trauma.-Operation Stop CPS

The family has created a GoFundMe account that offers ways for community members to help support their family. This is a developing story. We are working to confirm additional details. Check back for the latest updates as they come in.

Medical kidnapping is a controversial issue that refers to situations where children are taken from their parents or guardians by CPS or other government agencies due to alleged medical neglect or abuse. In some cases, medical kidnapping may involve a child being removed from their family’s care because the parents have refused to follow medical treatment recommendations or have chosen alternative medical treatments.

Medical kidnapping cases often involve parents who disagree with conventional medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or vaccines, and instead choose alternative approaches, such as natural remedies or holistic medicine. These parents may be accused of medical neglect or abuse, and CPS may intervene.

Medical kidnapping cases have sparked heated debate and controversy, with advocates on both sides of the issue arguing for the rights of parents and children. Some states have passed laws to protect parental rights and prevent medical kidnapping, while others have given CPS broader authority to intervene in cases of alleged medical neglect or abuse.

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