Make it make sense: Texas mother being investigated by child protective services, DFPS worker refuses to tell her why

A Houston, Texas mother wants answers after a DFPS worker described her as the “alleged perpetrator” of an investigation but refused to tell her what the allegations against her were. That worker then proceeded to tell the mother that she would only tell her what the allegations were if the mother met with her in person and brought her children. That mother just so happened to be Dr. Nissi Hamilton, a well-known Houston activist who survived sex trafficking and CPS corruption.

Houston, TX- In a perfect world, child protective service workers would do their jobs correctly and save thousands of children and families from abuse, neglect, and heartache. According to Community activist Jenifer Knighton, more times than not, the department causes more harm than they do good, especially when egoistic workers fail to follow their own policy and procedures without repercussions.

Dr. Nissi Hamilton of Houston, Texas knows all too well about the corruption behind child protective services. After being victimized at the hands of a local trafficker, Hamilton became one of the thousands of victims of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. At one point her own children were placed in foster care, and Hamilton spent an enormous amount of time and energy fighting to get her children back.

Hamilton, like many others has become a national voice for those that are dealing with child protective services. She’s become so well-known for her involvement in the community that she has been sponsored by organizations such as CrimeStoppers Houston, she participated in a documentary, and one of her events were sponsored by the previous Commissioner of DFPS Jaime Masters.

Dr. Hamilton is proof that regardless of your knowledge, background and status within the community, you aren’t immune from having to deal with the broken system lays within child protective services. According to Dr. Hamilton, she was approached at her home by a DFPS worker a few weeks ago. Of course, Hamilton was hesitant to speak with the worker because of DFPS culture of falsifying information.

However, after consideration and a phone call to her friend, Dr. Hamilton decided to call the worker so that she could clarify a few things. For one, she wanted to know why child protective services showed up at her home, why they went to her childrens’ school, what exactly the allegations were, and who they were against.

While on the phone with the worker, it was brought to her attention that she was the alleged perpetrator being investigated. When asked, the worker refused to tell Hamilton what she was the perpetrator of. The worker proceeded to tell her that if she did not agree to meet with her and bring her children then she would get the legal team involved. Despite several more requests, the DFPS worker would not inform Dr. Hamilton of the allegations against her.

What are your thoughts? Are DFPS workers wasting financial resources and abusing their power? Shouldn’t a person at least be told what they are an alleged perpetrator of?

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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  1. I have another CPS story for you if you would like here in Texas. Let’s expose them! I been fighting for 2 years to get my babies back

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