The Texas Department of Children and Families in Conroe Locked out a Texas Family Seeking Answers About their Son

Conroe, TX- Community activists Donald Smither from The Callie House Project and Ladon Johnson joined Kendrick Davis and Brittney Leveston of Montgomery County, Texas, on Monday outside theĀ Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in Conroe, Texas, in hopes of getting answers from Child Protective Services investigator Barry Gresham and his supervisor in regards to the no findings conclusion against Christa Tatem. In October of last year, a Montgomery ISD counselor dragged around and assaulted their 7-year-old childĀ Kendrick Davis.

When the family and activists arrived, three women stood outside the CPS office. The women quickly walked inside and locked the office door behind them. KAGS news reporter Sara Wilson made contact when someone opened an employee door. CPS workers declined to comment on the case stating that they were advised not to speak and redirected the family to a phone number to call.

The afternoon before the group went to the Conroe CPS office, community activist Jenifer Knighton received a random text message from Candice Matthews from the Rainbow Push Coalition informing her that she was on the phone with the office’s admin. Whether Matthews was on the phone with the office admin that Sunday afternoon remains unknown; if she were, the purpose of the call was never disclosed.

The family and community leaders believe that locking them out of the office only shows that state workers at Child Protective Services have something bigger to hide.

“The whole town of bad actors’ dirty laundry should have an eternal spotlight on it for all the world to see,” said Kellie Pryor from the Nevada Freedmen Association. Montgomery County has racist tentacles that cause people to clam up before anyone can get in the door. Although workers closed and locked the doors at the DFPS Conroe office, the family and other community members and activists chanted #justiceforken assuring the parents that they will not give up until Ken and his family get justice; and Christa Tatem is put behind bars.

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