Daughter of Texas Mayor Pro Tem accused of Stalking and Threatening to Shoot Former Friend

Breaking News: Briana Hughes, the daughter of DeSoto’s Pro Tem Mayor Letitia Hughes is facing serious allegations of stalking, harassment, and making serious threats against a former friend in Lancaster, Texas.

Monica, a resident of Lancaster, Texas, says she has been enduring relentless harassment and stalking. According to her and police reports that she has made, Briana Hughes, a former friend, is responsible for this ordeal. Monica reports that the torment has involved hundreds of phone calls, violent threats, and extensive online harassment.

Monica’s nightmare started nearly a year ago when she decided that she no longer wanted to be friends with Hughes. Since then, she has received over 7,000 unwanted pictures of pornography from at least 1,200 different fake profiles. The harassment didn’t stop online—she has gotten calls from more than 300 different numbers, with Briana threatening to shoot her and burn down her house.

According to Monica, when she met with Lancaster’s police chief, he made a shocking comment, saying she should be glad she wasn’t found in Briana’s trunk. This remark showed a disturbing lack of empathy and urgency from the police. Monica has tried to give more evidence to the police, but they refused to accept it and told her that she needed to speak with the Lancaster PD attorney. This refusal has made it even harder for her to get justice, as important evidence has constantly been ignored.

The lack of action by officials in Lancaster is causing concern, particularly in light of the serious threats directed at Monica by Briana. Despite the existence of compelling evidence implicating Briana, such as incriminating phone records that clearly link her to the vindictive behavior towards Monica, and the evident threat to Monica’s safety, she was informed that there was no intention to pursue charges against Briana.

This decision has raised significant questions regarding the motives behind the reluctance to act. Adding complexity to the situation, Briana holds a position at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and her mother, Letitica Hughes, serves as the Pro Tem Mayor of DeSoto, Texas. These affiliations have sparked concerns about potential external influences and conflicts of interest impacting the handling of Monica’s case.

Hughes and Lancaster Police Department were not available for immediate comment at the time this article was written. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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