Aug 21, 2022

Help was on the way,

I felt relieved knowing that I could finally get away.

They knocked on the door, but he was gone,

He’s been getting away with this for far too long.

He says all the right things,

and law enforcement has done nothing.

I don’t know how I will ever get away,

it’s probably better for me to just stay.

The district attorney wouldn’t accept charges,

they make false promises to victims and leave them starving.

Help was on the way,

it didn’t matter anymore; they don’t listen to anything that I have to say.

I am dying in pain,

my life will never be the same.

I sit in despair wondering if he’s going to kill me some day,

because I was left with no options other than to stay.

Help was on the way,

I am going to act like nothing happened, it doesn’t matter anyway.

I wasn’t his first victim, nor will I be his last,

he called me so many times and caused me to crash.

He’s threatened my life, he even pulled out a knife,

then he said he loved me, and that his woman I would always be.

Help was on the way,

and I was so afraid.

He was gone again,

I fear that my time is coming to an end.

He’s going to punish me for trying to get help,

now I feel worse than I have ever felt.

Help was on the way,

But this time they came too late.

Today wasn’t just another day,

it was the day that I couldn’t get away.