A Katy mother wants to know why Texas Children’s Hospital called CPS on her after she requested a mental health evaluation for her child. Is Texas Children’s Hospital conspiring with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services?


Katy, TX- Talk about the nightmare on Elm Street, dealing with threats of CPS is a nightmare that families are faced with on a daily basis. Just last week a Katy mother took her child to the Texas Children’s West Campus emergency room to get checked out because the child displayed signs of intoxication during dinner.

After entering the emergency room, the mother says she filled out some paperwork, and documented that her child had current and a history of substance abuse and mental health concerns. The mother also informed the hospital that the child was a flight risk and possibly in need of inpatient care, but because the child was under the influence, she’d have to get medical care first and then be referred for inpatient care by the hospital.

While waiting to be seen, the child became agitated and started pacing around the hospital’s emergency room waiting area until she made her way outside.

According to the child’s mother, despite several requests for assistance from hospital staff, and informing the hospital of safety concerns for the child, the hospital refused to assist her, and blew her concerns off as if it were no big deal. When the mother turned around, the child was gone.

Around 3 o’clock in the morning, the child was found in a car with two unidentified men in the Texas Children’s Hospital main entrance parking lot. The child was taken back to the emergency room by the security guards where she was placed in a safe area.

Clearly, it’s not normal for a young girl to be in a vehicle with strangers at 3a.m. The mother requested for the hospital to call the mental health team for an evaluation in addition to checking the child for possible drug use or intoxication. The emergency room doctor informed the mother that it was the child’s decision to take a drug test and according to him, there were no mental health concerns for the child.

Although there were evident concerns for the child’s mental health and safety, within a few hours the hospital said the child was ready to go home. The mother requested for the mental health team again, but the emergency room doctor, who is not a psychiatrist or mental health professional, said that there were no concerns for the child. Three different doctors cleared the child to leave the hospital and alleged that there were no concerns.

Not long after that, the mother asked once again for the hospital to get the child a mental health evaluation. Instead of the medical doctor requesting a mental health evaluation from Texas Children’s Hospital psychiatric team, he had his staff call DFPS and make a false report alleging that the mother refused to pick the child up from the hospital.

After battling with hospital staff for almost 24 hours, the psychiatric team was finally contacted to meet with the family. The child was in fact appropriate for inpatient care which leaves the mother to question the true intentions of the medical doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Was the hospital trying to get the child out of there because there was a possibility that she had no insurance? Maybe there is some other hidden agenda that hasn’t been brought to the public’s eye.

This is a developing story. Check back later for updates.

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